Saturday, January 20, 2007

Doggy Sweater on Red Loom

Welcome as this is the first of my postings to this site. I was using another blog site ( but I am going to start using this one to post my knitting and happenings.

I knitted up another sweater for a doggy but this one is a bit bigger. I made it for my Brother and Sister-In-Law little dog but now I have to wait for them to visit to see if it will fit...I hope so.
I wrote down the directions as I made it and will post it soon.
Modeling this sweater is the neighbors little pup who is about 7 months old...she sure likes these sweaters.


loom_knitter/cheryl said...

your doggy sweater is so cute,good job.

Jana said...

I can't wait to see the directions, I am mystified at how to make the leg holes, I want to make one so bad and I just can't seem to understand how to get the legs right.

Lauren said...

I really like the dog sweater, one of my friends has a big dog Basset Hound and I want to make her a sweater I figure it will take longer to do than just a little dog sweater. Plus she is going to have puppies so I might just make one for the puppy they keep. Let me know when you finish your directions and get them posted. I am on kniftyknitterloom, knifyknitterII and the loomclass group. I can not remember what site you emailed your update too.

Loom Lady said...

Your dog sweater looks great, especially on the models (I peeked at your old blog). I'll have to try this one for my new baby Chihuahua. Thanks for sharing.

daisysepulveda said...

I just made the same sweater for our cat, and I would love to see the directions - I looked around for armhole directions with the round looms and wasn't able to find any.

Here's a photo of our kitty and his sweater on catster:

The first photo on the page is our little action hero, and he's modeling his sweater at the bottom of the page.

This was one of my first creations, as I've just discovered loom knitting this weekend - am so happy to finally be able to knit! I look forward to learning so much from all you experienced craftsters out there!

And to my first do you create the ribbed edge?


westie-mom said...

If you go back to the home page of this blog on the right is my pattern for making the doggy sweaters. I wrote it out in very basic steps.
daisysepulveda---I love your kitty!

Ladybugg Creations Crafts said...

I love the doggie sweater, and as soon as I get this hat off the loom-- Im going to make a few for friends :)

I see you are in Southwest OR-- I am in Coos bay, and just started loom Knitting 2 months ago :)