Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sewing crafts

Here is my Miss Frog.

I made her about

1 1/2 years ago.

This is a Kitty Rag quilt I made for my best friend. It was the first one I did but then I made another and gave to my sister. I think I finally have enough material gathered to make one more but this one is going to be made with beige and dark browns to resemble a Siamese.

I have made other things but I guess these are the things I am most proud of.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

start a magic scarf...finally AND IS FINISHED!

I have finally started a magic scarf. I decided to try it on the green long loom instead of the yellow round loom. The yellow is a nice golden that I got in a yarn exchange and then got the black at Michael's. I thought with this golden color it would look pretty done up as a Pittsburgh Steelers scarf even though they are not my fave team...but I do come from the area of Troy Polamalu so maybe I am doing it in his tribute :-) When I get done with the black I have another Yellow to go.

Here is part two of adding the black but looks like it is going to take 4 skeins instead of 3. I am really liking how it is turning out and is SOOOO soft. I was just going to make this up since I had the yellow but the further along I get, the more I love it. But not sure if I want to have a long black in the middle or stay with the yellow -black but then the ends would be different colors. I have to go to town to get more black so I have a few days to decide.

Here is the third instalment of my magic scarf. As you can see I went with a 2 row separation but wish I would have done a 4 row but with this being all the yellow I had I didn't think I could squeeze out any more without noticing. I do LOVE how it is coming along though.

OK, I got it done and here it is in the FAT version (before washing). I didn't get the colors exactly the same length which means I didn't count the rows :-) I just used all the yellow and then went to the black but then I made the small yellow patch and so that used some up.

Here it is after i washed it and in it's skinny form.
I promise to count my rows on the next one. I also will be using a smaller loom. I really life the way it stitched and the feel of the new long loom.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

For about 8+ years my girlfriend and I have been exchanging Christmas ornaments. About the second year into the exchange I found about painting "dead" lightbulbs. This is the one I did for 2006. I have done others like: Santa, Reindeer, Angel, Grinch, Snowman, Cow, Rabbit, Elf. I think there might be one or two I am forgetting but will have to hunt down the pictures to post them all.

These I did for 2005. Most of the ones I do are from a pattern or have a picture to go by but these I made up all myself :-)

I think this is about all I have done. I think most people like the grinch best but my fave is the reindeer.

Doggy Sweater on Red Loom

Welcome as this is the first of my postings to this site. I was using another blog site (http://360.yahoo.com/keggy99) but I am going to start using this one to post my knitting and happenings.

I knitted up another sweater for a doggy but this one is a bit bigger. I made it for my Brother and Sister-In-Law little dog but now I have to wait for them to visit to see if it will fit...I hope so.
I wrote down the directions as I made it and will post it soon.
Modeling this sweater is the neighbors little pup who is about 7 months old...she sure likes these sweaters.