Monday, February 26, 2007

Yummy Cupcake

Another crafty knitter came up with the design and I had to try it for a friend's birthday. I did have a bit of trouble and had to contact the designer but I got it done finally. A day late but done! Here is her site: . You should check it out and see the other flavors she made and get the pattern.

I also tried my hand at making the flower loom but had the wrong dimentions and ended up buying the real one to finish the cupcake. Here is my version:

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Reversible Hat

This is an attempt at an idea I have had for some make a reversible hat. I used the long yellow loom and e-wrapped 45 rows of orange then tied on black and did another 45 rows. I pulled the end of the orange up through the gap of the loom to hook the last stitches onto the pegs (there does not leave much room). I then threaded the needle and removed the hat.
It was also a bit hard to pull the hole in the top closed and there is still about a 1" gap as having two thickness of knitting. If I were to do this again...I would use the yellow round loom as with the long loom the stitches are tighter and this would probably fit a child better. I can get it on but is super tight it feels like it is my skin :-)
I like the black with orange cuff the best.