Saturday, January 28, 2012


MY OH MY....Has it really been almost a year since I posted something to my blog? Well I will just have to fix that won't I?

This is where I bring my crafts to life and just some of my supplies. You can also see some of my machines I have been collecting.

There on the table is the last machine I was running through it passes to get ready for its new owner...I had a former teacher give me 4 machines that he was just gonna through away till my sister said I may want them...Threee I will find new homes for but I will be keeping the 1950 Singer.

Again some more supplies. I love the two sweater racks in the closet that I stack my yarn in...a whole lot better to see what colors I have and is easier to get to.

I made a resolution to do more crafts this year so I am hoping to post more of what I stay tuned...

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