Monday, January 21, 2008


WOW I have been at blogger for one whole year now and have I ever had fun. I guess I should have celibrated in a more fun way but alas it will have to be in just telling all of you who come see me here :-) I have been trying to pull myself in three diffent directions lately: 1) being on the computer way too much as I have finally gotten high speed internet for about 3 weeks now and been having a ball visiting all the sites I had wanted to see but to painful on dail-up; 2) trying to do more knitting on the looms and my next attempt is a pair of gloves; and 3) trying to gather up pictured and post of the different ornaments I paint out of dead light-bulbs. I am hopeing to earn enough to buy me a laptop...not too fancy of one but still portable. So I hope to get that posting up SOON! Thanks all for visiting and check back later.

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